March 27, 2020 Corona Update

On the lighter side, if anyone has a good recipe for a Quarantini, let us know.  It should possibly involve ingredients which can be stored for long periods, such as canned goods, or … olives. 

As you all are aware the Corona Virus Pandemic is picking up steam with over 1100 deaths and 90,000 confirmed cases reported nationwide. New York City, which has about 25% of all the cases in the entire U.S., is the epicenter of the contagion.  South Florida, which has limited restrictions on social gatherings and where many New Yorkers have traveled recently, will likely be a particularly worrisome location.  There is large elderly population there and the hospitals are not as far along in preparation.  Other worrisome cities include New Orleans, (believed to be the result of the large crowds at Mardi Gras) and Chicago.  The California numbers have stabilized to some extent likely due to a strict social distancing policy. 

The number of cases in Maryland has grown substantially to 774 with 63 cases in Anne Arundel County as of this morning.  (These numbers were 580 and 41 yesterday) You can follow Maryland’s case load on this website, updated every morning at 10 AM.

 As of this writing there have been 4 deaths in Maryland from the Corona Virus.  The entire Eastern Shore of Maryland has very few known cases. 

So, what’s the best way out of this?

There is an emerging consensus that the best way to stem the pandemic, and ensure viability of the economy,  is to broadly test for Corona Virus in as much of the population as possible,  and to take those who test positive out of circulation, by mandatory quarantine.  Those who test negative would be able to return to work.   For an extensive discussion of this theory, which was practiced by South Korea, see this website:

The availability of testing has improved, but we are nowhere near the point of universal testing, which would make this idea possible.  For now, social distancing has proven to drastically decrease the number of cases, and we should stick with this, along with handwashing, etc. until we have a better option. 

Also, on the hopeful side of things will be the rapid testing of antiviral drugs which will take place over the next several weeks in randomized placebo-controlled trials.  Experts in the field believe that there are several compounds already in existence that could be effective.  (This does not include hydroxychloroquine which is not an antiviral).   The availability of these drugs over the next few months could make a recurrence of this Pandemic unlikely.   A vaccine for Covid-19 is not likely to emerge in the near future.   So, until our next update, consider a Quarantini and stay safe.  We will be in the office and available by phone and by email. 

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